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Susan M. Purviance. Philosopher, College Professor and Humanist

A Life in Philosophy, a career for me and perhaps for you

A Life in Philosophy, a career for me and perhaps for you
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Susan Marie Purviance

Campus Address:               Home Address:

Department of Philosophy     West Toledo

2801 W. Bancroft Street        Toledo, Ohio 43613

Toledo, Ohio 43606

(419) 537-4516 (419) 471-1861


Areas of Specialization:        Areas of Competence:

Ethics, including                                Ancient Greek Philosophy

the History of Ethics                           Aesthetics

Contemporary Ethical Theory,             Introductory Buddhist Thought

and Medical Ethics                           Political Philosophy

Modern Philosophy


Spanish, French, Elementary Ancient Greek


Ph.D. in Philosophy--December 1987, The University of California, Santa Barbara

M.A in Philosophy.--Spring 1982, The University of California, Santa Barbara

B.A. in Philosophy--Spring 1979, University of California, Santa Barbara

B.A.–in progress, French, Foreign Languages Department, University of Toledo

Summer 2007 Study Abroad Program student, Department of French and Italian, Miami University of Ohio (study site: Dijon and Burgundy, France)


University of Toledo, Professor Rank, 1999-present

University of Toledo, Associate Professor of Philosophy 1994-1998

University of Toledo, Adjunct Assistant Professor of Pharmacy Ethics, 1989-1993

(at the invitation of the College of Pharmacy)

Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Assistant Professor, 1986-1988 (tenure-track)

University of Louisville, Visiting Assistant Professor, 1985-1986

The College of Wooster, Visiting Assistant Professor, 1984-1985

Courses taught:

Upper Division:

Modern Philosophy

Buddhist Thought (2009)

Medical Ethics

Advanced Medical Ethics

British Philosophy

Modern Philosophy Seminar

Ancient Philosophy Seminar

Senior Thesis

Honor's Thesis


Graduate Level

Ethics and Health Care

Seminar: Hume

Seminar: Hobbes

Problems in Ethics: Kant

Seminar: Aristotle: Life, Soul, Mind, Action

Seminar: Contemporary Ethical Theory


M. A. Theses Directed (highest graduate degree possible at University of Toledo)

John Kirkpatrick (attained Philosophy at University of   Knoxville,  tenure-track professor of Philosophy)

Shannon Dedmon (continues to practice law)

Christopher Sallah (attained J.D. and is a practicing attorney)

Nelda Koralewski (admitted as a Ph.D. student in Philosophy at Michigan State University; studies suspended due to  a degenerative nerve disease)

Karin Clarkson (attained J.D. and is a practicing attorney)

Theresa Catalano-Rheinhardt (community college instructor of Philosophy)

Jeanne Kusina (Ph.D. candidate in Philosophy at Bowling Green State University)

Craig Wescoe (Ph.D. student at the University of Cincinnati)


Article, "Richard Price's Contextualist Rationaism" Studies in the History of Ethics (June 2008).

Article, "Hutcheson’s Aesthetic Realism and Moral Qualities", History of Intellectual Culture 6:1 (2006) pp. 1-14.

Article, "Arguing Against Cognitive Nativism: Hume vs. Locke", History of Philosophy Quarterly 23:2 (April 2006), pp. 137-150.

Article, "Personal Identity and Multiplicity in Shaftesbury, Hume, and Reid", Interculturalism: Between Identity and Diversity, Peter Lang Publishers, 2006, pp.47-62.

Article, "Shaftesbury on Self as a Practice", Journal of Scottish Philosophy 2:2 (Autumn 2004), pp. 154-163.

Article, "Apperception and Agency: One Kantian Account", Studi Kantiani XVII (Fall 2004), 16 pp.

Article, "Ethical Externalism and the Moral Sense", Journal of Philosophical Research 27 (2002), pp.585-600.

Article, "Concessions to Moral Particularism", Philosophy in the Contemporary World 8:2 (2001), 17 pp.

Article, "The Apriority of Moral Feeling", Idealistic Studies 29:1-2 (Winter-Spring 1999), 12 pp.

Article, "The Facticity of Kant's Fact of Reason", Manuscrito: Revista Internacional de Filosofia XX:2 (1998), pp.45-67.

Article, "The Moral Self and the Indirect Passions", Hume Studies 23:2 (November 1997), 195-212.

Article, "Social Meliorism, Virtue, and Vice: Bernard Mandeville", Southwest Philosophy Review, volume 12 number 2 (July 1996), pp.63-83.

Article, "Infertility Treatment for Post-menopausal Patients: An Equity Based Approach", Ethics and Behavior 5:1 (April 1995), pp.15-24.

Article, "What Makes Utility the Moral Quality of Actions?", History of Philosophy Quarterly volume 11 number 2 (April 1994), pp.191-203.

Article, "Kantian Persons and Moral Sensibility", Becoming Persons v.2 (Proceedings of the Second Conference on Persons), edited by Robert N Fisher, Applied Theology Press, Oxford (September 1994).

Article, "Distributive Justice In Kidney Transplantation Policy", Business and Professional Ethics Journal 12:2 (Fall 1993)pp.19-37.

Article, "Aesthetics and Adjudication: Intersubjective Requirements and Juridical Judgment", Journal of Value Inquiry 27: (1993), pp. 165-178.

Article, "Age Rationing, the Virtues, And Wanting More Life", Journal of Medical Humanities 14:3 (1993), pp.149-165.

Article, "James Mill" in Encyclopedia of Ethics, Lawrence C. Becker, editor; Garland Publishing (1993).

Article, "Intersubjectivity and Sociable Relations in the Philosophy of Francis Hutcheson", Eighteenth Century Life, Vol. 15 no.s 1 & 2 (February and May, 1991)

["Intersubjectivity and Sociable Relations in the Philosophy of Francis Hutcheson" has been reprinted in Sociability and Society In Eighteenth-Century Scotland, Mercat Press, Edinburgh, 1993]

Book Review, A. E. Pitson’s Hume’s Philosophy of Self, in Hume Studies (2004)

Book Note, Bioethics: An Introduction to the History, Methods, and Practice, in Ethics 109:3 (April 1999)

Book Review, Thomas Reid, Practical Ethics, Knud Haakonssen, ed. in Scotia: American-Canadian Journal of Scottish Studies, Volume XV (1991)

Book Review, Chris Hackler, ed., Advance Directives in Medicine in Philosophy in Context, Volume 20 (1990)

Book Review, joint review of Health Care Ethics: Principles and Problems and Biomedical Ethics Reviews 1989 in Teaching Philosophy, Volume 13 no. 4 (December 1990)

Book Review, John Dwyer, Virtuous Discourse, in Scotia: American-Canadian Journal of Scottish Studies Volume XIII (Fall 1989)

Book Review, Baruch Brody, ed., Moral Theory and Moral Judgments in Medical Ethics in Ethics (Fall 1990)


Recent Papers Presented

"Moral Self-striving and Sincerity (Redlichkeit): The Need for the Other in Kantian Moral Practice", International Conference on Social Philosophy, North American Society for Social Philosophy, The University of Portland, Portland Oregon, July 19, 2008.

"Psyche, Thumos and the Spirited Soul: A Philosopher is Arrested", International Conference on Philosophy, Athens Institute for Education and Research, Athens, 1-3 June 2006.

"Character and the Diachronic Account of Self in Hume’s Philosophy of the Self", Hume and his Critics Conference, Baylor University, April 15, 2005.

"Kantian Self-awareness and the Unity of Agency", Fifth Annual PGSA Confence, Marquette University, April 4, 2003.

"The Character of Moral Beauty", Mid-South Philosophy Conference, University of Memphis, February 22, 2003.

"Self as a Practice: Shaftesbury, Hume, Reid", International Congress: Identity and Diversity: Philological and Philosophical Reflections, Departments of Philosophy of Universidad Nacionale de Educacion de Distancia (UNED, Madrid) and the Universidad de Zaragoza, Zaragoza, at UNED Madrid, June 2003.


Grants Received

Sabbatical, Fall 1998.

Dean's Research Award for proposal, Kant's Agency Realism, Summer 1997, $5,000.

University of Toledo Humanities Institute Senior Research Fellow, 1995-1996, $750.

URAPF University Summer Grant for proposal, Moral Realism and the Fact of Virtue, Summer 1993, $6100.


Medical Ethics:

Co-Director with Mashhad Al-Allaf for Conference, Philosophy, Medicine, and Diverse Cultures, April 20-21, 2007, The University of Toledo.

Contact Medical Ethicist, Physician Residency Programs in Toledo and Dearborn:

1. Ethics presentations and discussion moderator, W.W. Knight Family Practice Residency Program, The Toledo Hospital, bimonthly, 1989-2000.

2. Ethics presentations and discussion moderator, Obstetrics-Gynecology Residency Program and other physician programs, Oakwood Hospital, Dearborn, Michigan, 1992-1997.

Kentucky Humanities Council Evaluator for "Euthanasia as a Medical/Ethical Issue", Kentuckiana Inter-Faith Community, Jewish Hospital, Louisville, Fall 1985.

Panel Moderator and Ohio Humanities Council Evaluator for "The Genetic Revolution: A Public Forum on Values and the New Biology", The College of Wooster, Fall 1984.


Professional Organization Memberships

The American Philosophical Association

North American Society for Social Philosophy

The Hume Society

The North American Kant Society

Pi Alpha Phi (French Language and Civilization Honor Society)


University Service

College of Arts and Sciences Executive Committee, 2007-2008.

College of Arts and Sciences Representative, 2006-2009

College of Arts and Sciences Curriculum Committee, 2006-2007

College Committee on Academic Personnel, 1999--2001

Faculty Senator, 1996-1999

Faculty Senate Executive Committee, 1997-1998

Personal information:
Domestic partnered, 30+ years unmarried to the same person, which is almost as bad as marriage, so why would I get married?
Bad mother of two teen sons
Destructive, noisy, annoying, affectionate pets--yes.
Flower gardener
Fisher, swimmer
Buddhist name: Samadhi of Liberation
A sense of humor and a sense of tragedy

River Stonel
The Philosophical Terrain

Sometimes I express myself poetically or metaphorically.  At times this may be the best way to convey a deep and resonant concept or experience.

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A curriculum vitae is a record of a person's education and academic activities, or work activities as a professor.  Here is mine.

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Susan M. Purviance