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Susan M. Purviance. Philosopher, College Professor and Humanist

A Life in Philosophy, a career for me and perhaps for you
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This is my semi-professional website, accounting for how I make a living doing philosophy in the classroom and from my head to the page and out into print or readable distributed format. My work is distributed nationally and internationally through a variety of conferences and journals.
Part of my job is to teach others how to do the same, which I do through the University of Toledo programs. 
If you are a student continuing your studies in Philosophy and our programs interest you, I hope you will contact me.  If I have knowledge that suggests I might advise you or offer professional expertise in some way, feel free to contact me.
Your comments welcomed, Thanks.

What's New?

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A new thing in Spring 2009 is my teaching the introductory course, Buddhist Thought, at the University of Toledo.  This will be an academic course taught by a practicing Buddhist who uses skillful means from a variety of Buddhist traditions in her own practice.

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Please get in touch with any comments or reactions to my site.

Susan M. Purviance